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 Underappreciated Animated Movies Week: Day Three

↳ Paranorman (2012)

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oh my gOODNESS

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15 Favorite Art in Animated Films
#13: Coraline

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The Boxtrolls Movie CLIP - You’re A Boy (2014)


Underappreciated Animated Movies Week, Day 3:

ParaNorman (2012) & Coraline (2009), LAIKA Animation

Walk around the world...
There's always someone out there for you.
...small world.

This September, The BoxTrolls are going to be everywhere! Starting with other people’s commercials! See for yourself in this new TV ad. (x)

10 Fascinating Things About 'The Boxtrolls'!


This troll has caused us to flounder for too long. His name’s Fish and he sure is a slippery one! But with your help we might be able to give him the hook-line-and-sinker! Please report any and all sightings of this troll to us immediately!


ParaNorman + hands

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The Boxtrolls Featurette - Trolls Right Off The Tongue (2014) - Stop-Motion Animated Movie HD

This video is VERY important to me

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Anonymous: "Norman is just such an important influence. He deals with bullies, loneliness, social issues, and so so much more with such grace. Sure he has his low points, who wouldn't with how he was treated, but he picks himself up and stands up for himself and shows us that life goes on and that it'll be okay, you just have to know who you are and stick with it."

An important ask

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There! You look like a proper boy. (x)