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 jumping mice

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An old drawing I forget to upload about Coraline and Norman

Coraline - the worlds of Coraline
Norman - Paranorman

She's got this whole world where everything's better. The food, the garden, the neighbors. But it's all a t r a p

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The Boxtrolls // Behind the Scenes


This tiny troll is living proof that big trouble comes in small packages!

His name is Bucket and you’ll always catch him hanging out with that savage, Sparky. Be careful, because together these two trolls make quite the dastardly duo!

Please report any and all sightings of this troll to us immediately!

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The Boxtrolls: I’m A Boxtroll Tv Spot

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pictured: an egg

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On-set interview with Brad Schiff, an animator on LAIKA’s The Boxtrolls.

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I don’t know what’s scarier: losing a White Hat, or having Snatcher be the one to find and return it.

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New The Boxtrolls in EW Magazine (I think the Fall Preview one)

ParaNorman (2012)

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We can’t speak for The Boxtrolls, but calling for makeup when you’re about to potentially meet your maker seems like a risky move. #IGuessYouGottaLookYourBest (VIA)

Anonymous: "Those boxtroll gifs that you just posted, what trailer/clip is that from? Thanks!"

The link was in the description, but here it is again! c:

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